Who are we?

Christians Broadcasting Hope serves on behalf of the Church of God, partnering with indigenous ministry centers to produce evangelistic programming around the world in an effort to expand and nurture the Kingdom of God through the use of radio, Internet broadcasts and other mass media tools.

Why radio?

Radio is the most cost-effective channel that reaches the widest audience globally. With the accessibility of radio and the Internet, we are able to reach countless people for a fraction of the cost of other channels. Join with us and help change the world!

How do we measure effect?

We measure our success by the lives changed for Jesus. All 8 teams continually receive calls, emails, texts, and social media interactions from down-trodden people who understand they now have a reason to hope. People to People is our quarterly newsletter and is sent to all our partners with the latest testimonies from around the world. Contact us if you would like to receive People to People!

What makes us different?

We broadcast in areas of crisis all over the world

Indigenous teams develop their own unique broadcast

100% of financial contributions fund missions


Christians Broadcasting Hope has 8 language broadcasts that are all produced by indigenous teams around the globe. 

Kello Tamam is a weekly radio program focusing on the dissemination of Hope across the Arab world. This program is directed to anyone who wants to be optimistic and is looking forward to a better future that is full of positive experiences and true happiness found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Broadcast Platforms: Facebook


Kello Tamam "All is Well" 

The Haitian-Creole studio will be based in Saintard, Haiti on the complex of Mission Haiti Medical. The team will minister through the broadcast and pray with the patients and their families in the clinic. 

Broadcast Platforms: Facebook


Gras Plis Gras "Grace Plus Grace"

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 11.26.28 AM.pn

ViewPoint continues the rich heritage of Christians broadcasting Hope English broadcasting—a legacy spanning more than sixty-five years. Each week it is heard on radio stations and the Internet, literally around the globe. Every day, the conversation, the sowing, the giving hope, and the reaping continues. 


Broadcast Platforms: Online, AM and FM in North and South America, FM in Ireland



The broadcast is aimed at reaching the overwhelmingly young population of West Africa with messages about purity, integrity, and hope. Tribune Jeunes currently blankets the war-ravaged West African country of Côte d’Ivoire. The Tribune Jeunes team develops programs, and produces broadcasts of hope in French to continue expanding into the 22 French speaking countries of Western Africa.  


Broadcast Platforms: FM Radio in Western Africa, Facebook


Tribune Jeunes "Young People's Forum"


A Hora da Irmandade is heard across the entire continent of South America as well as in Congo (DR), Portugal, and Mozambique. Each program blends biblical teaching with inspiring music to bring the hope of Christ to listeners.


Broadcast Platforms: Radio in South America, Congo (DR), Portugal, Mozambigue 


A Hora da Irmandade "A Time of Fellowship"

Through Satya Jyoti, over eight hundred million people have the opportunity to hear of the love of Jesus Christ in the Odia and Hindi languages. Our India ministry also includes retreats, discipleship training, and a variety of other efforts to nurture listeners who have questions or make decisions to follow Christ.


Broadcast Platforms: Shortwave Frequency and AM Radio. Listener Potential: Roughly 800 millions speakers of the two languages in India 


Satya Jyoti "True Light"

Hermandad Cristiana takes hope each week into the Internet world, Central and South America, Cuba, and Spain, as well as throughout the Hispanic community of the United States. International e-mails and letters are constantly answered by the Hermandad team.


Broadcast Platforms: Facebook, Radio 


Hermandad Cristiana "Christian Brotherhood"

Listeners of the East African broadcast live in countries such as Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo (DR), and Zambia. The East Africa broadcasting initiative in Kenya allows Christians Broadcasting Hope to partner with the Kima International School of Theology in developing students of communication, enabling us to expand our efforts to reach Africa with the message of hope in Christ.


Broadcast Platforms: Concentrated effort on FM station in Kenya 


Sauti Ya Bwana "Voice of the Lord"

Lives Changed

“My brother committed suicide 4 years ago and I have been unable to cope ever since. These 4 years, I have nearly lost my mind for grief. I heard ViewPoint and their conversation about suicide opened up my heart in a way that hatred and blame could not. Thank you so much. You’ve changed my life.”  

Jennifer, USA

“CBH [Christians Broadcasting Hope] has bring a new hope to people in DR Congo who have been losing hope for almost 10 years of war. We pray that CBH [Christians Broadcasting Hope] may be able to make effort that we may hear it in Central Africa include Rwanda and Burundi even in Republic of Central Africa. Thank you!”

Davidson Maombi,

DR Congo

"I listened by chance to your radio program Kello Tamam, and found it interesting to me. I hope to listen to every broadcast."

Ahmed, Egypt

Christians Broadcasting Hope exists to communicate God's love to all people, everywhere. No matter the language, no matter the culture, God's love is for all.