Who are we?

Christians Broadcasting Hope serves on behalf of the Church of God, partnering with indigenous ministry centers to produce evangelistic programming around the world in an effort to expand and nurture the Kingdom of God through the use of radio, Internet broadcasts and other mass media tools.

Why radio?

Radio is the most cost-effective channel that reaches the widest audience globally. With the accessibility of radio and the Internet, we are able to reach countless people for a fraction of the cost of other channels. Join with us and help change the world!

How do we measure effect?

We measure our success by the lives changed for Jesus. All 9 teams continually receive calls, emails, texts, and social media interactions from down-trodden people who understand they now have a reason to hope. People to People is our quarterly newsletter and is sent to all our partners with the latest testimonies from around the world. Contact us if you would like to receive People to People!

What makes us different?

Lives Changed

Christians Broadcasting Hope exists to communicate God's love to all people, everywhere. No matter the language, no matter the culture, God's love is for all.



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Christians Broadcasting Hope is a ministry of Church of God Ministries 

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