February 27, 2015


"Where do I see God? Frankly, it takes more faith to see all this and say there's no God. He's everywhere. He's in everything." John Wendt, first time visitor to Kenya 

At night, we wake to the bark of baboons right outside the tent and a lion's roar marks a kingdom,...

February 26, 2015


Movements require special leaders to propel them forward, to cast a vision and see it through. We spent 3 days with one such leader on the campus of  Kima International School of Theology (KIST), home to the CBH Swahili broadcast. The program is hosted by Obed Okech:...

February 25, 2015

The children lined up and sneaked smiles, sometimes nudging the boy or girl next to them before breaking out in a fit of giggles. They wiggled and squirmed, trying their best to remain still as the head teacher welcomed us, sending greetings to the United States. When...

February 21, 2015

As soon as she left they threw everything in the trash. The spoon that touched her lips, the plate that grazed her hand, discarded as defiled, contaminated, fouled. When she entered a room, they left; when she walked down the street, they crossed to the other side. 


February 17, 2015

We've been in Uganda less than 24 hours, definitely not the lifetime it would take to fully understand the whole picture, but in this minuscule window of time, it's evident how Uganda got its nickname.  


Lush green hills accented by rich red clay and brimming with...

February 16, 2015

What struck you the most about today? Allison Gustin, CBH  

 "How chaotic it was. Then as soon as you walk through that gate, peace." - Kolby Gustin, first time visitor to Kenya



Ten o'clock, Sunday morning. The van slowed to a stop - recent rains ha...

February 16, 2015

From the window of the 747, we watched the Kenyan sun sink below the earth's gentle curve. Such a sunset I've never seen. Before its last ray disappeared in azure darkness, oranges, reds and yellows stretched their flaming fingers across the entire expanse of the horiz...

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