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In Old English it was dubbed solmonao (meaning mud month, because of the melting snow and consequent mess). The Romans drew its name from the word februare (meaning to purify, because of an ancient ritual of purification observed in the middle of the month each year). We call it February, of course, the second month of the New Year. It is best known worldwide for the celebration of romance, hinged on St. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine is an historic, not fictional, figure, who lived in third century Rome (AD). Many credible stories have been told over time, outlining his life. They are not all easily harmonized, but a few things seem clear: he was a pastor murdered on February 14 for refusing to abandon the Christian concept of marriage, which led him to run afoul of the Emperor Claudius II; he was revered by early Christians as an extraordinary man of God, “a saint.” One of the earliest known Christian houses of worship uncovered by archaeology was dedicated to him. It is thought he wrote a letter from his prison cell to the woman he loved and signed it, from your Valentine.

Much nonsense has been borne by the celebration of Valentine’s Day in the years since, but the idea of righteous romance still is at the root of the Valentine narrative. And, how about the Bible? Does it give us insight about how to find love these days? Absolutely. And, during February 2015, ViewPoint will bring to life lessons learned from some of the most successful—and-not-so-successful—romantic relationships in Scripture.

Isaac and Rebekah (third party matchmaking?). Samson and Delilah (ouch). Boaz and Ruth (love in second chances). Unnamed lovers in the Song of Solomon (passion with a capital P). Real life. Real romance. Real good ideas of what to do and what not to do. God-breathed. Perfect for this mud month of February and St. Valentine’s Day. Join us. On air or online.

And, stay tuned.

Jim Lyon

CBH ViewPoint Host

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