Wounded by God's People

Last year, I had the privilege of meeting Anne Graham Lotz. She, of course, is famously the daughter of Billy Graham, but also a terrific Bible teacher, author, and leader in her own right. In our first conversation, I was, in a way, startled by the depth and thoughtfulness of her walk with Jesus; she has an unusual sense of the Lord’s closeness that transcends every step of ordinary life.

Recently, I found a book she had given me months ago, one of her own, titled Wounded by God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts (Zondervan, 2013). I had placed it in a stack of books to read on my desk and was a few weeks ago prompted to dive in. I am so glad I did: it is a terrific read, filled with lessons drawn from the story of Hagar in Genesis, lessons about how we are wounded and sometimes wound others. The book also poignantly discloses that Anne has known her share of pain inflicted by others, as have we all.

In these months of spring, when new life is everywhere before us, ViewPoint will introduce you to not just a world of hurt, that Hagar knew all too well, but also to a world of healing, in which God sees us, knows us, helps us, and calls the best out of us. As Hagar would learn in time, even in the most desperate hour, God has a plan for our lives that is good.

One of Hagar’s most painful discoveries was the reality that her bruises were by the hand of those she trusted to honor God. Her wounds became part of a toxic stew that led her to hurt others. And then they struck back, in kind. This cycle, in a house seeking to serve the Lord, produced sad misery for everyone. Still, God made a way and Hagar found her true self and peace. We can, too.

In these programs, we will explore the wonder of grace and surrender, the Providential provision of God, and the certainty that He watches over us. We will also grasp the model of Jesus Himself, who, more than any other, understands what it’s like to be injured by those who imagine themselves the guardians of God’s way.

Cohosts Obadiah Smith and Kimberly Majeski will join me on air. We hope you will join us, too. As always, ViewPoint will help you see your world, from Heaven’s view. As always, we are Christians Broadcasting Hope. Stay tuned.

To receive your copy of Anne Graham Lotz's book, Wounded by God's People, contact us today.

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