Why Radio?

She stared at me without emotion, looking me over with some suspicion, in the way that security staff are trained to do, I suppose. She asked me a few brusque questions; I replied as precisely and briefly as possible. “What brings you here?” she wanted to know, her tone like a razor’s edge. “I’m here to speak at a meeting,” I answered, hoping that would be enough.

Suddenly, her expression softened and she looked at me again, differently. “Your voice,” she said, “I know that voice. What meeting are you attending?”

“I have been invited by the Church of God …” I said, but she interrupted, cutting me off, before I could finish.

“You’re the voice on the radio—ViewPoint!” She looked at my passport, once more. “Of course, you’re Jim Lyon!” She was now all smiles and excitement. I stood dumbfounded. “Hey, it’s Jim Lyon: here for the Church of God!” she said twirling around so that the other agents could hear; everybody turned to look, with smiles.

I was standing in one of the immigration and customs lines in the airport of Grand Cayman, a British Crown Colony in the Caribbean. To my surprise, I discovered that Christians Broadcasting Hope has been well known and well-loved in the Cayman Islands for years.

Last month, speaking in Missouri, I was surprised by a number of men who approached me to say they listened regularly to ViewPoint; they named specific programs and gave testimony to the power of God’s Word to transform. Traveling in Oregon, I’ve been surprised by the people who have sought me out to express thanks for the ministry of ViewPoint and the ways it has moved them closer to God; the Portland metro is one of our largest markets. Florida. Ohio. The same. And, the letters received from those incarcerated, the telephone calls coming to our toll-free line from the discouraged, the heart-cry of a world hopeless, and the sound of voices with new life from those who have begun to think about Jesus—they all still surprise me. Yesterday, I received a random note from a guy thanking me for a prayer he heard on ViewPoint and how it prepared him for what was to come his way that day. Wow.

But, why should I be surprised? Radio remains the world’s most accessible and influential medium. No television broadcast, no online stream, no printed text, has the reach of a radio wave, with receivers turned on in even the most remote and otherwise inaccessible corners of the globe.

Can’t read? No problem; with radio, you can hear. Can’t get online? No problem; with radio you can still connect. Can’t understand English? No problem; Christians Broadcasting Hope is comprised of 10 language broadcasts, all produced and created by indigenous teams world-wide (Hindi, Odisha, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Haitian-Creole, French, and Arabic). When you sacrifice for Christians Broadcasting Hope, you sacrifice for hope: hope in Christ made available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, on every continent. Dollar-for-dollar, it remains one of the most amazing “buys” in the Kingdom, advancing the Good News.

It’s my privilege, as ViewPoint host, to work with a team at CBH of some of the Lord’s finest, both in front of and behind the microphone. But, in the end, we can’t do it without you. Seriously. As the year ends, think and pray about boosting the signal in the New Year with a gift now. Your gift gives wings and voice to hope. Jesus is the subject. We are transmitters. We are Christians. Broadcasting. Hope. Thanks for your partnership. Thanks for standing with us. Thanks for tuning in. We thank God for you.

Jim Lyon

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